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6 Dec 2013

There is a meeting, you call karma that gather, there is a feeling called love silence, silence like, there is a concern is the miss, also warm without words, there is a kind of attitude is light and do not forget to smile, peace. Keep distance, and some people are not frivolous, but because of the love, will choose to miss each other space, deeply, read is warm; forget to belong to a dull, not, is because of love, we choose shallow in deeply hidden, because knowledge, steady to more distant. To say it is not the most profound, there is heart, try to stop but cannotembroidery by beads.

Autumn goodbye and, miss more cold, standing at the crossroads of the season, Ningmou, thought, the original to the depths of love is silent loneliness, pain to the bottom of my heart no tears of sorrow war, can not be said, can not be said, say on the break, touch on the broken. Among thousands of people meet in the end is a ridiculous dream, wake up where people heartbroken. I’m just a forgotten Qinglian, because world of endless lust, he plunged into the world of fireworks, only a little lotus, lotus is sad cityInformation Security.

By experience, the text is the mood, the wind light cloud of light, the mood is just text; be successful in one’s official career, friends all know you, down and out, you know my friend; drunk, know who you love most, ill, to understand who the love you; happy, music is the song, sad, listening to music is the tears; when young, he went wandering, looking back, to keep memories; carnival, a lonely, lonely, not crowded into the carnival; together, not stand the insipid, after the turn, regret was not…… Life is like chess, Lazi no regrets, grief at separation and joy in Union as time rolls on, back to the immutable laws, but we every day in the side lost, while looking for a moment, gain and loss. In fact, memory is disconsolate, regret it is futile, as seriously too good today, cherish the present, give yourself a hug, smiled and said, tomorrow, hellometal iphone case.

A person sits in the time of the diagonal, sense of loneliness in his wound, to think you had a good, missing tears in my heart surging more than, like waves, such as the tao. I look in your direction, think through the far distance to you tightly embrace, how light show are face to face with your sweet smile, want to rush to the other shore in hand tonight is stranded to the Ming dynasty. Maybe, not put, is the most beautiful, like poppy, love is past hope. However, with the residual pain to kill time, I do not want to rely on, how I want to accidentally and you reach old age……

In life, there are some people back and forth, amazing time, pain memories; time here, have some margin of ups and downs, warm encounter, wet separation. Ah, I see you, in the crowd edge, I see you in the crowd. As time rolls on, doomed, karma, who also cannot change. I don’t know a heart is going through many hardships to touch my warm, loving flower period, a period for a while, until the spring, if you are, then please accompany me to face the sea, a lifetime love, don’t leave……




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